Wednesday, February 8, 2012

bless you

best part of the day:

my little angel son, whose favorite phrase to say to me is "shush" followed by "go away",
i know, really sweet, but i told you that we all think it's so horrible and funny that we laugh and, well, we all know what happens in those circumstances, anyway.....

i was getting him ready for bed, rubbing lotion on his little legs and distracting him with a story about fire trucks, when i had to sneeze.


and you know what little boy did?

he smiled at me, with that same grinning smile that his dad does, and said in the sweetest voice...

Bless You.

well i was so pleasantly surprised i just kissed and kissed him and thanked him. he liked that. then he pointed to the fire truck, reminding me to get back on track.

i blessed him and kissed him and put him to bed.

now i'm making no bake choc. peanut butter cookies to celebrate.

and no one is here to stop me.

p.s. hot off the press... just heard that anthro has a brand of jeans called whoa nelly. goll. i swear. when will they stop stalking me???


Yvette said...

That is soooo sweet! I remember when he smashed his finger at atrium...and what he had to say! lol! Yummy! No bake cookies sound awesome! To bad girls club isn't tomorrow. Missed you today!

Love, Mindy said...

melt my sweet! Those little boys - I tell ya - they get you every time!
As for anthro...made you should sue or something! :)

Michelle said...

<3, <3, <3

Cookies? mmm.

The Richardson's said...