Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my phone is my life

it's true in many ways. i may be a little too addicted to it at times, i.e. checking facebook, words with friends or maybe even the latest angry birds rio released level., but it also helps me quickly capture funny little moments happening in the "now". there are so many stages and funny things that the kids do that i may have not made note of, but captured on my phone. i get to relive these moments when i am loading the pics to the computer and laugh every time. not only do i capture these moments, but the kids are always leaving me sweet little surprise photos.

with my phone this week, i was able to see that:

1. little S is in a red boot phase and i am crazy about it.

2. we eat a lot of mexican food. it's delicious and i could prolly eat it every day. have you been here?
3. the kids are obsessed with the fat face app. especially when we are at restaurants. they better not do it to me tho... or else!

4. P surprised me one night with some beautiful flowers and a growler of 4 peaks. what more could a girl want?

5. little S and big S look a lot alike when they have their noses in their electronic devices.

6. big S is GROWING!!! she's getting so tall. me no likey. she has been instructed to cease all growing and go play with barbies. i'm going to pull her around the neighborhood in a wagon after i'm done typing. i'm joking in case you are wondering.
i was trying to squeeze, i mean fit, myself into my neighbor's wedding dress, and my mom's too for that matter, but alas.... it was a no go. S wanted to try it on and it was a little too close to fitting! i may have had to blot my eyes seeing her standing in a wedding dress. it was much different than her old dress up ones. it was just a flash of how fast time flies by and before i know it, she probably will be standing in front of me on her wedding day. sniff.

6. i had a very fun and silly lunch with some friends a few weeks ago. it's never a bad idea to go into fancy bathrooms and take pictures of yourselves in the mirror.

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The Richardson's said...

Um- that pic of S in the wedding dress freaks me out a bit. It looks like it is her wedding day. CRAZY!!!

Mexican food is yummy.

Tell P to tell my hubby to show up with random flowers and beer. That is so sweet.