Monday, February 27, 2012

feb. dinner club

now this was a few weeks ago, but i def. don't want to forget this beautiful romantic evening our dear friends put on. with it so close to valentine's day, they decided to make the theme about our own "valentines" and weddings. we could come dressed as a bride, wear our own wedding dresses (not gonna happen for me :( at this point in time anyway...) or something along those lines. we were to bring our wedding albums. and we were to come prepared to tell the group 3 reasons why we would marry our spouses again today. it was such a fun and sweet evening. it was nice seeing everyone get all mushy. it made us all smile :)

i found a (designer) white dress, at last chance, with a slash on the torso. it was $12.97 with 75% off. now that's my kind of deal. i just threw together some fabric flowers, stitched them over the rip... and voila! a bride stuffed into my new wedding dress! i liked the style it was kind of 80's meets modern victorian. whateves. it was $3.

we had our own special chalkboard heart with our names combined beautifully written across.
i heart grosgrain.
romantic tablescape.
funny picture.
lots of laughter.
ummm. more delish. i wish you could taste this cake. it was AMAZING!
pellie. has a nice ring doesn't it?

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