Monday, August 23, 2010


2 of my dearest friends and i have a tradition.

we met when our oldest daughters were 4. we were overjoyed when all three of them were in the same kindergarten class. we started the tradition the morning we sent our eldest children off to kindergarten. we got together for breakfast and cried and laughed and wondered how we would all cope with having school age children. just this morning we got together for the 6th annual back to school breakfast. we still laugh and cry and share our hopes and dreams for our kids and wonder what is in store for us in the future (and how we can control it, even tho we know we can't)

i cherish these breakfasts and these friendships so much. i can't wait to see us when we send these girls off to their first day of college.


Chris said...

At this rate they will be in college before we know it!

Peace and Love said...

I think Junior High is the most shocking. All of a sudden, it's a whole new ball game and you feel like, wow, how did that happen!!!

Love, Mindy said...

that's for making me cry this morning...i love you sister.