Thursday, August 19, 2010


i guess these little silly bandz are the new fad. i heard about them last week. then i heard about them again... then again... none of these times were from my children. just today, after school, i asked the school secretary if she had heard anything about them. if anyone would know about it, it would be her. she said no. i said i hadn't heard anything from my kids so i wondered if they weren't allowed at our school or if it just hadn't "hit" our school.

as i was tucking the kids in tonite... guess what was on the nightstand...

L said ... "ooh mom!! look what carla gave me!!!!! a silly band!!!"

S chimed in... "oooh I want some of those sooo bad!!!"

so i guess they are into their first fad.
some of my favorite fad memories.....

these really did predict the future. really.
i just couldn't get enough of these sweet little things. my heart still speeds up when i see them. i remember stacking them up on my floor, single, double and triple sets.
i loved these charms soooo much. i had them everywhere... bracelets, shoes (my kaepa double color laces with alternating double sock combo), backpack, etc.

i also made these really cool folded paper transformers, but i couldn't find a picture of those. :(


ang's little divas said...

Katie came home with about 6 of those silly bands the first week of school!! I broke down and bought chelsei and sadie some during my last walmart trip (24 pack is 2 bucks) but warned them that if they lost them or got them taken away that was it-I wasn't buying anymore. I'm sure they drive teachers nuts!! :)

the biggest fad that I can remember from growing up (besides the charm bracelet you posted-I had a ton of those things and loved them) were my L.A. Gear sneakers with the double laces that were different colors. I remember being SOO excited when I finally got my first pair for christmas lol

Michelle said...

The same day you were at my house and the kids were showing them to you, was the same day they banned them at school.

Chris said...

Bob just bought some silly bands for the kids today. The Garbage Pail Kids eeewwwwww! Some of those cards were so gross!

Mattie said...

Ugh! I hate silly bands! As a teacher, I now have a collection of them growing on my desk from students that are playing with them in class. So annoying!!!

I totally forgot about the charm bracelets. But...I DO remember slap bracelets. Micheal's used to have giant bins full of them!