Sunday, August 22, 2010

first day of school 2010

little S started 3 yr. old preschool this year. she was very excited to go. she has the sweetest teachers.

she is in the same class with cousin A. we are hoping they don't get kicked out. they did great the first week tho, so i think they will be fine.
the 3 big girls are all at the same school now. S - 5th grade, L -3rd grade and D- kindergarten!
D was not too sure. she went in without a problem, but had a really hard time the rest of the week. she cried every nite and every morning, it was so sad. but by sunday nite, she was jumping up and down saying she couldn't wait to get to school. she had a great 2nd week.

S and L were happy to get back to school. they were excited to see their friends and teachers.

and now another school year is here and ready to fly by again!

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