Tuesday, August 24, 2010

budget bathroom remodel

this is the only picture i could find of the bathroom before the remodel. i did some really fancy editing on myself to spare you the oh so flattering backside shot of my very post-partum body. you are welcome. this picture does make me laugh tho, this was baby R's first bath. he screamed the whole time. the girls' eyes were glued to him the whole time.

* i also like the conveniently placed cleaning products.

so the exciting thing about this remodel is that we did it for under $300. we used almost everything from the existing supply of products in our garage. we bought the wall boards, the textiles, a little bit of tile and the toilet paper holder. everything else we already had.
we even hung up those towel hooks we bought, oh say, 7 years ago. so now we don't have to throw them over the shower door.
i love the vintage picture of 5 kids in the bathtub that my lovely auntie gave me :) and the vintage art and vase my lovely friend gave me :)

i was so proud of p dubs. he did all the trim and finish work so nicely.
we had some leftover tile from the other bathroom that matched the 80's tan tile close enough. i think it looks better in person.
now it has a very light and happy feeling. not bad for 1 week and under $300!!!

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