Tuesday, August 24, 2010

fun and pretty things...

i love this replica my daughter drew for me last year when we went to paris. i have it right by the computer so i can look at it all the time. i love love love love it. j'taime. j'adore.
i found this shiny golden chandelier at a garage sale, bought it for $20 and painted it black. voila! now it looks like one of those scrapbooky parisian black chandeliers. :)
some friends and i hosted a baby shower for another one of our friends. i had a tissue paper flower kit i had purchased at Michael's a long time ago on clearance. after putting a few together, my sis told me and S a better way to make them. so S took over and made the white ones. she did an awesome job and they were bigger and fluffier than the kit flowers!

the cute cupcakes my sis made for the shower.
and some beautiful pink roses to top it all off :)

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