Tuesday, May 15, 2012


there is a feeling of change in the air.
the kids are wrapping up the school year.
my pretty spring flowers are starting to die due to the impending heat.
birthdays, anniversaries, & end of the school year projects.
it's exciting thinking about summer. the freedom, sleeping in... no schedules
(i usually get tired of that quickly, but still look forward to it every year)

i plan on the kids getting along and not fighting even once. i like to set my standards unreasonably high 

i love to see them doing this....

the really do get along pretty well. i hope we are able to have lots of fun this summer. finding adventure, exploring nature. maybe even a big road trip.
we will see......

here are some of the spring plants that are on their way out.....

not sure what these pretty things are, but they caught my eye,
 my pretty urinal plants. i love my vintage urinal :)

my boy is getting big. the baba keeps him little ;)

my sweet L. she's growing up right before my eyes. she did a great job with her end of the school year project on mount vernon.

S did hers on the hope diamond.

they both went to washington d.c. this year for their big school trip. it was scary to have them that far, but alas they returned safely home. my aunt and uncle, S's godparents, live in d.c. they surprised the kids and left boxes of georgetown cupcakes at the hostels for all the kids. wow were they ever popular after that :) lucky!!!

we are off to run thru the sprinklers now until the sun goes down.

 yes, i am definitely ready for summer.

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Peace and Love said...

sunrise, sunset, quickly go the years.....