Monday, May 14, 2012


my baby boy is 2! 
i can't believe it has been 2 years since this happened.

we had a little pirate party for him. L made some pirate patches and S put together a treasure hunt. i whipped up some pirate cupcakes, made with applesauce instead of oil.. pretty good if i do say so myself, and reused a pirate banner from a previous pirate party.
and viola! a pirate party :)

 he really loved opening all his presents. he loved his remote control car, tent with a tunnel, various tractors and cars and dinosaurs... he loved it all.

i just love that little boy so much. he truly keeps me on my toes at every moment, he is all over the place. kind of like a cute little wrecking ball that runs around the house all day. he cracks us up every day, especially his sisters. they just can't get enough of his "rowdy" behavior.

happy birthday my little buccaneer!!!


Kellie said...

Happy birthday Rex! He is such a cutey! I loved reading your birth story too, what an inspirational birth! Way to go, Nellie and Paul! :)

The Richardson's said...

Happy Birthday R!!!!

so...will you be going for a natural delivery with your next baby?? ;)

Mattie said...

Happy birthday! Didn't he just have his 1st birthday!?