Thursday, May 10, 2012

mazel tov!

we were invited to our neighbor's bar mitzvah a few weeks ago.

it was unbelievable.

like a wedding reception just for tweens.

the girls were asking if they get a bar mitzvah too.

um no.

just need to make more jewish friends.

our whole family, minus R, went to the actual bar mitzvah at the synagogue. it was so cool. it was very long, but so so interesting. i loved seeing the little boy i have seen build forts and make movies with the girls for the last 7 years, get up and make such an important step in his life. it was so sweet when his grandpa got up and handed down his tallitot. he said "i'm handing this down like my father before me gave it to me and i gave it to your dad. i am so proud to pass it to you now."
i just love that sentimental stuff.
the rabbi invited us all up to look at the torah scroll.
and then cooper sang and sang and sang. 
he must have practiced forever.
his parents got up and both gave really sweet speeches to him.
and then cooper gave a sweet and insightful talk to the entire group.

then when it was over, we all processed into the hall where we had bagels, cream cheese, lox, all kinds of egg, fish & chicken salads. cookies, black & white of course, coffee, etc.
heaven on earth.

then the went home to get ready for the other half of the day. my sis came over and dolled the girls up. we just took the 2 older girls since we knew it was going to be a late night. it was like a mini prom. she straightened their hair, applied fake eyelashes, make up... the whole 9 yards. they even got their first high heels. man alive were they excited.
and gorgeous!

 the reception was amazing. they had a dj with 3 extra helpers going around teaching the kids new moves and make sure everyone felt invited to dance. all you can eat/experience cotton candy, cartoonist, photo booth & airbrushed tattoos. (it didn't take long for the adults to get into that action). the tables were separated... adults & kids. the adult side had round tables with amazing red tulip center pieces. the kid's side was set up in long connected tables with huge bowls of candy every few feet. i think the kids thought they had died and gone to heaven. they served an amazing feast of steak, chicken and salmon. the cake was a huge electric guitar. there were cupcakes with headphones & records. there were bags of chocolate shaped in electric guitars & records. they even passed out custom t-shirts.

i feel like i am describing a skit on snl's ny's hottest new night club is...

the kids danced and ate their tuches off.
they were pretty exhausted when it was time to go home.
they still didn't want to take their eyelashes off tho...


Kellie said...

I am sure Stefon would have loved that nightclub! :)

Mattie said...

You are in for trouble when those girls become teenagers... They are so beautiful!