Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a day in the life...

i must jot these things down, so that i can look back someday and find the humor, i just have to. oh help me...

it is the end of the year, so all the groups are trying to get one last get together in before summer.

this particular one, a group of fun moms from school, were gathering for breakfast. a vegan restaurant at that. i was a little apprehensive because i knew i would have to take S and R. S would probably be fine, but R.... these are the things i usually have to opt out on because it just makes my life and all the patrons at the restaurants lives easier. but since our brand new coffee maker is broken, and i really needed some coffee, i decided to brave it and go. i was just praying that they had normal creamer and not just some weird non-milk creamer.

we weren't there 5 min. before R had spilled 2 glasses of water and knocked over a room divider.

we finally were served our food and i asked for my coffee. she said "oh i'm sorry! it's a self serve station." so i had been sitting there for 15 min. with the shakes waiting for my coffee. good thing they had regular half and half.

the food was really good, but i wasn't able to talk much because R was not in his best mood.

i know i must have looked bad because before i left, a mom had run out to her car and got him some books to look at. she said how it's a good idea to have things for him to do so he's not bored. i didn't mention that i had packed him a little backpack of all his fav. little toys, but was even second guessing that because of his love for throwing small objects and his impeccable aim. after the 5th time he threw it over his head across the room declaring that, with his lips pushed out and his brow furrowed,  "i hate this back. pack." i decided not to bring it to the restaurant. she was also going to text me the name of a great parenting book for parenting boys. when he chased S around the table and threw his pacifier at her head, i decided it was time to say our goodbyes.

he was very mad that i left the paci there, but i told him he can't throw things or they are all gone. he was feeling remorseful. i could tell, when he confessed his actions to daddy on the speaker phone.

i hated to do it, but i really needed to run into costco. after walking around for maybe 10 min., i was smelling some gas from the sweet little baby. i thought i would check just in case, but unfortunately found a nice rooster tail forming and i pulled my finger out of poo. well, nothing left to do but hurry and finish and go change him in the car.

we found the rest of our items, discovered a broken egg in our $7 flat of cage free, brown organic eggs and asked the kind employee to get us another flat. they were annoyed.

on the way out, i noticed that gasoline was priced exceptionally well at $3.68 a gallon, so even tho i had a half of a tank, i thought i would fill it the rest of the way up.

after changing a really messy poopy diaper and loading the melting groceries into the car, i drove up to the filling station. the only station open was designed for the opposite side of the car. i pulled in anyway.

you know it's time to leave town when you burn your hands on the buttons entering your info. i pulled the big hose to the opposite side of the huge car and out spilled a few drops of gasoline all over my legs and feet.

on the way home, R chanted... "go faster mommy. goo faaaster mommy. moooommmmy, go faster! GO! FAST. TER. MOMMY!"

he was asleep in his seat by the time we pulled into the garage. i kissed his sweaty salty little forehead and tucked him in with his hdb and pray that he sleeps for at least 4 hours so that i can gear up for when he awakes.


Michelle said...

Oh my, sounds like B and R could be double trouble if together.

I'm sorry your experienced sucked.

And I'm sorry that mom who was trying to be very helpful didn't really help at all.

susiek said...

Poor Nell. It can only get better!

Kellie said...

That's why he needs a brother!! ;-P

The Richardson's said...

HA. Did that Mom who recommended the books and the parenting advice have a little boy? doubt it.

little boys are nuts and should only be allowed to run wild in the backyard. Bringing them to places with other humans always end in disaster.

Sorry friend!

Peace and Love said...

I often tell my exasperated young mothers, "Little boys are savages - it's normal for little boys to be savages." It usually makes them feel better.

Anonymous said...

he needs twin brothers

Mattie said...

I agree with Sarah. They're nutso. They will always be nutso. They're boys.

Not to sound like that mother (because I know what an amazing momma you are and you know WAY more about parenting than I), but my coworker let me borrow her copy of The Wonder of Boys. It's an interesting and enlightening read about how boys ARE different than girls.

You're doing great Nellie. :-) Sometimes all you can do is laugh!

Laura said...

I LOVE it when other moms offer advice on how to parent, don't you????? Doesn't it just make you feel SOOOOOOOO GOOD about yourself?????

I have had this very same day before. Many times, in fact. I was once asked to LEAVE the childrens section of a Barnes and Noble because my 2 year old was having a melt down. REALLY? The KIDS section of a book store???? I wasn't in the LIBRARY...or church! THEN...after asked to leave, the employee tells me, "you know...I give lectures on good parenting if you are interested."

took all of God's grace in me to not throw the double stroller at her head.

I cried the whole way home.

hang in there.
these days are wonderful.....really...keep writing about them and then you can look back, and laugh.

now...go get more coffee :-)