Thursday, May 10, 2012

rose party

we had our very last mary's club meeting for the year.

we had the girls put together their virtue books and sing a song for the parents.

it was the sweetest ever.

we then celebrated with the best chips & salsa ever


rose flavored cupcakes

                this beautiful rose was on top of the box of cupcakes that my friend made. she's amazing.

here are the little angels singing a beautiful rendition of ave maria.

pretty S. she was excited to be included in the "big girl" group.

 the leaders :)

hi yvette! 

 the cupcakes!!!! they had a sweet vanilla taste with a hint of rose.


aren't they pretty?

i'm excited for next year!


Anonymous said...

so sweet nellie; great that you appreciate the beauty of this. hjw

Yvette said...

Hi Nellie!! Thank you!!