Wednesday, February 10, 2016

mama dada trip... british style

after returning from our historical whirlwind cross country family-style trip, we took another pretty big trip... adult-style.

with these guys....
we were pretty pumped about our new taste of freedom, we pretty much looked like this the whole time...

the trip started with this amazing couple as we joined them in teddington for a wedding of one of their long time friends. we arrived and joined the wedding party on a thames river boat tour of london. right off the bat got to see some pretty major landmarks while drinking pimm's, eating scottish eggs and watching the sunset.

we had so much fun meeting the locals and friends of the wedding party from all over the world. the wedding was sweet and amazing and happened on the 4th of july! there were some pretty clever themes incorporated, including stars and stripes underwear to hot dogs served at the reception. the toasts were so heartfelt and euro. the father's toast to the groom was the sweetest father/son toast i've ever heard. and the bride's toast from her bridesmaids was out of the ballpark good.

we were dancing fools for the rest of the night, including shutting down a few pubs afterwards... it's a little fuzzy after that.

after the wedding weekend, we headed into london and met up with these crazy cats...

we ate lots of puddings and sausages and fish & chips and drank lots of ciders and pints... but mostly walked and walked and walked.

we rented a car with the hacketts & headed to the cotswolds and then to cambridge. the cotswolds were amazing and i really didn't want to leave our adorable hotel. it was the cutest most comfortable cottage i've ever stayed in. the views of the blooming english countryside from my little window was like a storybook. we hung with locals and explored the old town.

a pretty epic game of british jenga transpired one night...

the next day we drove to cambridge. this was kind of a bust as our timing was off & we got there as things were closing. our hotel that night looked WAY better online than in real person. we stayed in the stables. that was kind of a bummer. but fun nonetheless.
we headed back to london and met back up with the rest of the crew. we stopped by princess kate's house, but she wasn't home. we toured the tower of london, tower bridge, rented bikes through hyde park, westminster abbey, and even met a beef eater :)

we found out that elephant man was playing nearby (and realized we were in the same vicinity as BRADLEY COOPER) and made it our mission to get tickets to the WAY sold out show.  we made a plan of action in chinatown...

we spent majority of the day hanging in pubs near the theater and checking in every 30 min to see if anyone had returned their tickets. things were looking very grim. at one point the boys disappeared (with a full pint on the table so i knew something was up) and flopped 4 TICKETS on the table upon their return!!! the show was to start in 20 minutes!! we ran to the pub bathroom to freshen up and headed over to the theater. we were pretty grimey and others were VERY dressed up. kate beckensale sat 4 seats down from us. it was all very exciting. alanna and i sat in the center stage seats and the boys sat in these hilarious seats off to the side. they were like the muppet theater characters. you just had to see it. the show was so good and we waited in the back of the theater after to meet him. after the rest of the cast and even a very strange appearance from kanye, bradley finally came out. he was very tired but was so nice to everyone. he took pics with anyone and signed everything when asked. we were too chicken to ask for anything but i was able to mutter out that i couldn't believe he was friends with kanye.

he ignored me.

i blew it, my one chance to talk to bradley and i insulted his friend. ugh.
oh well, we got some pretty awesome pics ;)


our hotel that night was so cute too. i loved these union jack pillows... i wanted to stuff them in my suitcase but that would be stealing. so i didn't do it.

the next day, the boys & girls split up. the boys headed over to stamford bridge stadium to pay homage to the chelsea mecca of the world.
meanwhile, the girls headed over to the royal horsegurads hotel (previous mi6 headquarters) for a lovely high tea. i hadn't been to a british high tea before and didn't realize there were champagne options. we went with that option. it was brilliant.

this royal horse really loved maryruth....

that night we attended another play in the theater district (39 steps) and had our last dinner and night out before heading back across the pond.

we think the combination of all circumstances really lent itself to a great trip. we were very conscious of what a treat and break it was from our "regular" lives. we were able to see/attend whatever we wanted to do (within reason) as opposed to going as "poor college students" and the freedom... oh the sweet freedom... of being able to do WHATEVER WHENEVER we wanted. we really soaked that one up.

but eventually the time came to head back to our collaborative 12 children waiting anxiously for our return. and we were anxious to see them too.

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