Thursday, February 11, 2016

fall 2015

 this catching up thing is kinda fun. i'm going thru all kinds of old pictures. which reminds me of why i do this blog thing anyway. i'm recording a portion of our day to day that so quickly gets forgotten.

so anyway... there was a blood moon.
 baby j is kinda crazy about playing with noni. prolly cuz she lets him do things like this...

 here's a pic of the new floor and removed wall... different couch now though. oh and ruuubbbyyy.
 selfies with the pope... everyone was doing it :)
 um.... handsome.

 we joined daddy on a business trip to flagstaff. this cracks me up because the pictures look amazing. beautiful sights, smiling kids, fun activities.... family time. well i guess in theory it was fun, but we ended up leaving a day early because the kids were fighting so much. we were going nuts. i remember being so upset during that trip... you'd never know it from the pics! such is life i guess.

we really did have fun exploring lava cave tho. it was so cool!!

paully helped make a video for the blessed is she retreat...
 third retainer shenanigans....
 this little 8th grader finished up her volleyball season...
 we are loving having cousin cohen join us on wednesdays after school. the boys eat lunch and make big adventure plans before heading over to atrium.
 my high school friends and i attended not 1 but two (ahem) 20 year high school reunions!!!
 pdubs took me on a theater date, book of mormon & bloody marys.

 i was inspired by this insta post... painting chairs.
 so i picked up these beauties from craigslist for $50.
and slapped some white paint on them. not styled as great as in the insta pic but they work. no one ever knows they are painted... until they sit on them :)

 let's see... halloween happened.

 these cuties before their halloween preschool parade...
 we had a goth princess, belle from beauty & the beast, a piece of paper, an evil queen, a dead moth & a dragon. scary stuff.

 L was super excited about our decision to combine the little boy rooms and give the big girls their own room. we had a mini makeover, mostly with stuff we already had around the house. but she's pumped about her new space.

on november 9th, little S celebrated her GOLDEN birthday! all you can eat ice cream bar, donut eating contest, water balloon toss... fun fun fun.

we made this fun little video on her birthday and then went out for dinner. she was loving it.

SHINE from whoanellie on Vimeo.

 apparently this was the only pic i took on thanksgiving.
 no this isn't a scene from dexter... but it is what our house looked like. luckily my mom was out of town and we stayed at her house while our house was ripped apart.
 my new models... they loved me.

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