Saturday, February 13, 2016

december & new year's eve 2015

our 2015 christmas card... although i'm sure anyone reading prolly got one :)
i became completely and wholly addicted to these cookies, unfortunately i didn't come to terms with my addiction until they were sold out at all of the phoenix valley trader joe's. which left me with a deprived empty feeling.
some holiday events... little did i know... enjoying my last cookie (top left corner) ugly sweater youth group party (top right corner) (and bottom left) girls trip to the nutcracker (bottom right)

the cousins seemed to be going out of their minds with excitement this year...
this little elf was unbelievably helpful this year. she loved wrapping and making things pretty and i was happy to delegate. and it was fun having late night wrapping parties while watching christmas movies.
mother and i got up early christmas eve and hiked camelback. i was starting to lose steam and then someone said santa was up there. guess what! he was!!
an attempt at a family pic...
christmas eve...
their big present this year was a trip to hawaii!! they were pumped... well most of them.
cousins on Christmas morning...

the official  2015 cousin picture for the grandparents.


new years eve was spent with dear friends, an amazing dinner, and sparklers. 

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