Tuesday, August 27, 2013

unsung hero

i would like to go one day without unclogging a toilet.

by default, i am really good at it. i mean, i don't want to brag... but i am reeeaaally good.

the other day, one of my angels was sitting on the pot... probably getting it ready for me anyway,

happily playing with her new toy that she purchased with her own money at claire's.

she loved that toy (for a good 24 hours anyway)(like any new toy)

i was helping another child in the other room when i heard said child "finishing up"

i heard her voice change from "oops" to "oh no!" to "ooohh nooo!!!"

to pure heartbreak "nooooo!!" "wahhhhhhhh"


i could imagine what had happened.

my heart was sad for her because she was so sad.

normally i wouldn't have done this, but i think because i heard the heartbreak transpire step by step from the other room... i felt bad.

i went into the bathroom.

she was sitting on the floor crying and pointing to the toilet.

i stepped up like a hero.

i grabbed my mighty plunger...

and gave it a go.

to be honest, i didn't think it was going to work. i mean.. that thing was g.o.n.e.

but alas... after some very gifted plunging skills...

when i pulled up the plunger...

there was a happy little hotpink plastic telephone floating in the water.

we all looked at it amazed.

i took it out, as in stuck my hand in the gross toilet & bleached it.

she wiped away her tears and took it into her hands and with a  big smile  walked into the other room.

as i was washing my hands, again, i heard the rest of the family ask her what had happened.

she replied...

oh, nothing.


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