Friday, August 2, 2013


besides sitting around nursing my baby and snapping pics of him,
we have not been up to much else.

school starts monday and i have to say i am not ready.

i am dreading the early mornings, the schedules, the late nights of homework,

but, alas, summer has come to an end and my kiddos are ready to start
a new school year.

they are excited.

which i guess is good.

well, i think S is excited but she says she is not.

she says she is starting her jail sentence again.

i'm interpreting that as "i'm excited to see my friends but too cool to say i like school"

here are a few random pics of everyday summer....

R getting his hair cut. i usually cut his hair, but he also goes to a barber sometimes. he said he prefers to go to the place with the sports, the girls and the lollipops. hmm.....

perfect little lips....

oh yes. i'd been waiting for this. however... it might be short lived. the little one seems to be sensitive to dairy & wheat. umm... not allowed.

uh oh.. more little lip pics......

this little guy got a "worker" set. he hasn't stopped fixing things around the house since.

we have has endless basement performances, plays, shows and even a circus.

and not to mentions movie times.... errrr days

brace face, metal mouth.... names she has a fit if we say.

again, i think she really likes them.

not even close to enough monsoon storms. i think there were only two. not sure, but completely bummed. it's the only thing that makes these arizona summers bearable.

here is one that the kids ran around in.


did i mention i am kind of crazy about the baby's lips???

there is not enough time in the day for turns holding the baby.

what am i going to do when they go back to school?

a few trips to bahama bucks.

a nice, cool, dairy free treat to beat the heat.

we heard about a crazy warehouse toms sale.

so yes, we headed right over.

it was kinda overwhelming, but we dug thru and everyone got a new pair of toms.

lots of dress up time. i've been saved from robbers more times than i can count.

i am one lucky lady to have this cowboy protecting me.

he's tough, even in his undies.


this was after their big theater performance.
they loved it and all had a solo.

they sounded pretty good if i do say so myself.

we adventured in the world of moscow mules.

pretty good.

and more icees....

we didn't do much this summer,

other than welcome a new family member,

but it was a good summer.

went way too fast.

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The Richardson's said...


I think you are the only parent who dreads back to school time.

I could not be anymore excited. ha.

And little J's lips are fabulous!