Thursday, August 8, 2013

Funny kids

Little conversations that made me chuckle...

With L in the car, trying to get out of going to piano lessons.... Again.

L : "mom can you pick us up early today? We are going to hurry through our lesson."

Me: "no L, that's not how it works. I pay for each of you to have a thirty minute lesson."

L: "you can pay less this week?"

Me: "no."

L: "can I switch to violin?"

Me: "no."

L: "my dreams are shattered."

Me: "well sorry about that. But if you keep working hard at piano, it will be super easy to switch to violin when you grow up"

L: "I guess."

Discussing a scary commercial little S and D saw during shark week...

D: "a surf board was getting bit by a shark. Then the screen went red. Then the shark was attacking a... " she couldn't bring herself to say it.

Me: " oh D, I'm sorry you saw that. Just so you know, all of those commercials are fake. No one would film that, they would try to help the person if it were real. They are computer generated."

D, somewhat unsure : "I know."

Little s, very serious & convincing: 
"yeah. I know what they do. It's a person in a shark suit, with holes so they can breathe, dressed up and pretending. They are holding a bucket of red paint. When they reach the surfboard, they spill it over. Yeah, it's just someone pretending."

R, within 2 minutes after daddy walked in, returning from a week long trip...

R jumping on his back, attacking him for a "fight" (wrestle)... 
  "You smell like a pirate ship dad!!"

And little baby J...

I love the way he turns his head to attack us when we kiss his cheeks. I guess he has been watching too much shark week too.


The Richardson's said...

love these stories. kids can be so darn cute.

Anonymous said...

haha, lil. shattered, i tell you.