Tuesday, July 31, 2012


seriously. i know i say it every year.

but seriously.


i took my oldest baby on a special trip for her birthday this year. we went to boston. we had a blast cruising around the cape, whale watching, seeing the historical spots and eating eating eating.

before we left we had a little family party to celebrate S's life.

that's getting to be a lot of candles!!!

we woke up the morning of her actual birthday in boston, massachusetts. we walked down to a local donut shop and she ordered the birthday special.

a donut the size of her head!
 we drove to salem and a town called essex where we went to the first fried clam joint in MA. we also had lobster rolls and clam chowda'. it was DELICIOUS!

we went to the best ice cream place ever... giffords.

she got some birthday ice cream and a bobble head lobster.

she was pretty pumped about that.

we ended the night in the north end eating delicious italian food. and the waiter even made a special trip to the store across the street to get her some chocolate milk.

i love the young lady you are becoming my SR. i love your confidence, your creativity, your silliness, your humor, your wicked baking skills, your fashion sense.... you are still rocking those crazy outfits.

heck, i even love your "cosmetic" glasses you insist on wearing.

i love everything about you.

you are beautiful inside and out.

happy 12th birthday baby girl!


The Richardson's said...


She is so grown up. Glad you had fun in Boston!

Anonymous said...

boo hoo, no longer a baby. she's still my darling sophie