Friday, July 27, 2012

d & s room remodel

we decided to do a little room switch-a-roo this summer.
 we found this inspiration board on pinterest and loved it. the girls loved the colors and we thought we would use matryoshkas instead of horses as the theme.

they had this awesome dollhouse bed. but the problem was that it was huge and took up a lot of space in the room and also provided a lot of storage/hoarding opportunities.

we decided to list it on craigslist and remodel the room with the proceeds.

 the room needed a new coat of paint. the shutters, doors and floor boards were yellowed, the ceiling needed paint and the little darlings had added several locations of uninvited wall art over the years.

 in case you can't make it out..

"emily is tall and nice. she is my best friend at school."

 i'm not sure about these two....

sharpie drawings on the door. precious.

little s was really excited about writing her cousins name.

 we had decided to replace the floorboards altogether and were tossing around the idea of replacing the carpet as well... but decided against it.

so we ripped out the floorboards, had the room painted & we painted the dressers and beds ourselves.

we were beginning to make progress, when we accidentally left the hose on overnight in the flower bed that is in front of their window. the room was flooded and the carpet and pad were ruined.

so new carpet was installed after all. luckily we have a good carpet guy and were able to pick from remnant pieces.

 here is the new carpet, floorboards and paint... silver mist.

 putting the room back together.......

 now we have almost everything done. we just need to find some cute curtains, a rug & figure out something for the lampshade and we will call it good.

we reused a lot of things that were already in the room and updated them with a new coat of paint. i was excited to use these vintage pillowcases that my aunt gave to me. i found the white coverlets and shams at tj maxx. the bunk beds were from s & l's room. i had bought those many years ago. they were originally red, but i painted them black. we repainted them aqua. man is that a big job... but i still find myself doing it quite often. we have been working on our matryoshka collection... finding them here and there. the gold one in the middle was my grandma's & i always loved it. so she gave it to us :) love her. we found the artwork on etsy.

now we need to get to the big girls room & finish it up before school starts. they are still sleeping on the couches because we haven't found rails for their beds. i really wish i knew how to weld.

pscrubs and i were counting up how many times we have remodeled the kids' rooms since the time we put up the very first crib when child #1 was still cooking...

just the kids' rooms...

15 times.

does that sound excessive?


susiek said...

Three times for each kid. Not that excessive. Love the room! Lucky girls.

Love, Mindy said...

love the room! good job sister!

Anonymous said...

haha. funnee.

Kellie said...

It is so cute! Who is your carpet guy? We are in need of carpet for our spare rooms and front room :)

When do you get to remodel YOUR room?! ;)