Sunday, July 1, 2012

one decade!

this girl is one decade old today!!

happy birthday to my sweet L!!!!
 L was so excited to have her birthday party this year. it was the first time she had invited a bunch of her friends to the house to just hang out. she was pumped, and i mean pumped!!

she must have thanked me 20x and this was before the party even started.

we had a great time with all of her little friends. 10 is a pretty cute age. i don't think a lot of them were used to getting attacked from behind, but luckily they thought it was funny when baby R used them as a mosh pit.

after decorating t-shirts and opening presents, we moved on to pizza & cupcakes. auntie brought over the cutest pony cupcakes and even matched L's request for purple and pink.

the big surprise for the evening.

a limo arrived to escort the girls to the sugar bowl.

the screaming is still ringing in my ears. they were pretty surprised and excited.

my sis and i got to ride along.

we were serenaded by several adele, one direction and cold play songs.

but they went crazy when eye of the tiger came on the radio.

funny stuff.

it was so fun to see L with all of her cute friends surrounding her and celebrating her life.

we love you so much L!!

you are sweet, thoughtful, artistic, talented at whatever you try, funny, respectful, creative and



Love, Mindy said...

Oh! I was so excited to read this! I've been thinking of you guys and the fun bday surprise! Looks like a super fun party! And she is beautiful! Happy birthday L!

Anonymous said...

loved this. yes, she's a wonderful, darling girl. love, grandma