Wednesday, July 4, 2012

just a spoon full of sugar...

the kids were in the most adorable play this summer.
it was a rendition of mary poppins.
they LOVEd it.

it was put on by such a great group of kids. we carpooled. it was every afternoon from 1:30 - 4:30 for 2 weeks. it was a win win for everyone.

they were so thrilled that their cousins and grandparents came to see them.

 S wasn't sure if she wanted to do it, but decided to join last minute. i think she was happy she did. she took learning the songs very seriously. we also did a lot of field research... by watching mary poppins  every day 3x a day.

it was so cute and i have to say i'm sad it's over. i hope they all love to do plays just like their dad did when he was little. it's so fun to see the performances.


susiek said...

Practically perfect in every way.

Peace and Love said...

the field research - i like the way you put that. It was most delightful performance....