Monday, July 9, 2012

craft time

s and i were looking for something to do

 so we decided to do a little craft together.

we decided to make matryoshka pillows for her sisters' new room.

we got out all the cute fabrics we could find, including retro fabric from my gram &

cute shirts and fabrics that my crafty auntie sent me :)

we used interesting objects to decide the shape that we wanted our pillows to be. i used a paper bag and sketched out a shape, S used computer paper and a cd to decide hers.

we picked our fabrics and started tracing our patterns.

our inspiration piece was a cute pillow that a friend gave me for my bday ;)

we used canvas for the face and felt for the hair.

i also used a little doily that my gram gave me for a little decoration on the front of mine.

we traced.... we cut....
we sewed.... we stuffed....

and then we had some cute little doll pillows.
L liked the idea and wanted in on the action.

so she made her own....

now the dolls have a happy little home by the window.

i still need to figure out the mouths tho.....


Kellie said...

Those are so cute!! The Welter girls are so talented! :)

susiek said...

Cute cute cute!

Anonymous said...

what fun that must have been. wish i had one.

Mattie said...

Those turned out fabulous!