Friday, November 4, 2011

nat's shower

a few weeks ago my sis and i had a baby shower for natalie. it was super duper fun. S wanted to stay and participate. it was her first baby shower. she liked it but decided to stay with dad at the next baby shower... which happened to be the very next day. i know a lot of preggos right now. and no, i'm not one of them.

but i wouldn't mind it :)

we don't know the gender so we stuck with primary colors. my sis made a beautiful cake of course. we had "carmel apples." some had carmel... some didn't. some just melted off onto the table....

it was extra special because both of her sisters and mom were all here together. we snapped a few family photos :) i love how the girls all have really dark hair and dark eyes, but the granddaughters are blonde and blue eyed just like grandma. i love that kinda stuff.

whatcha think? boy or girl?????


The Richardson's said...

I am going to guess BOY!

How fun to be due on Christmas!!

Elizabeth Anne said...

So NICE!!!!! Love the decorations!!!!

Anonymous said...

loved your pics. the kids of course are darling. you take care!!

The Richardson's said...


I told you you were going to have tons more kiddos!

"but i wouldn't mind it :)"

you will be pregnant by the Spring. Guaranteed.