Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy halloween!

this year we had a southern belle, belle from beauty and the beast, a cheerleader, pocahontas and an octopus (not pictured below)
the fam and some friends gathered drive way style and we had some chili, gram's spinach salad, grapes, orange & black chips and salsa, corn muffins and a veggie & grain dish.

after filling our tummies, we started off to gather candy.
da boys.
oh mom!! that chili you made is delicious! can we have more? do you have any more veggies we can eat? we're gonna go easy on the candy this year!
feeling free and sugar spiked w/ cousin A and a soda.

i called them poke and straw all night. they liked it.
the serious business of candy sorting. preparing for trade.
the whole group.

even tho there were not as many trick or treaters out, the kids had a blast.
until next year.....


that is supposed to be a scary laugh.

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The Richardson's said...

I SO SO SO missed hanging with you guys this year. We got a decent number of trick-or-treaters though...

and we had chili too!