Friday, November 4, 2011

grass & stuff

we have been enjoying the cool weather and our freshly sprouted winter grass.we don't have summer grass because it's so darn H.O.T. so we really relish the days we can use the backyard as an extension to our home. in other words... kids. go in the backyard and don't come in until the sun is going down. most days they don't want to. they play all kinds of pretend games that last hours. it makes my heart happy.

i have been making fun of my recent "breakouts" but finally i decided i had better get in to see a specialist. turns out i had a weird infection and have to be on some weird blue antibiotic and probiotic. seems counter productive to me. i also had to "rush" over to a plastic surgeon and get the bump removed. it's really dumb. it was really swollen, red and hot. and was spreading down into my neck. painful. but i am grateful to have a plastic surgeon as a friend and could get me right in. i wasn't overly impressed with the dermatologist office i visited. but that's another story. so thankful that it wasn't too serious.

me. all bandaged up.
on a brighter note...

look how cute the kids are in these pics :)

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Drama Queen said...

i love their outfits! too cute!