Monday, November 21, 2011


a few of the children were transformed into beautiful mariposas at a magical birthday party last week.

a typical sunday dinner at my mother's house.

fyi.. there is a full sized couch to the right. they just like to have a weekly snuggle on the love seat i guess.
my latest find from my sat. morn treasure hunt. me likey.
well what do we have here? i like to think it's an early american girl doll. it was my FAVORITE doll. hence the picture i'm sure. it's wasn't even mine. we rented it from the library every time it was available.

i want those shoes back soooo bad!!

which child do you think looks most like me?


susiek said...

I have never heard of borrowing a doll at the library. Interesting. Love the face painting. Love the table & chairs - very shabby chic. Which child looks the most like you? Your eldest - although they're all such little individuals, it's hard to say!

Peace and Love said...

I would say the youngest daughter looks remarkably like you did at this age. As for the library rental - the Columbus library had a large children's area with all types of toys and dolls that could be checked out. Nels loooooved that doll so we had her frequently. I had never heard of American Girl dolls. I love our Sunday night dinners :-)

Love, Mindy said...

love the face painting and your pic with the doll! i have always thought big s was your clone...but, i see little s...big time!!!!