Tuesday, November 15, 2011

diner en blanc

i heard about this cool diner en blanc theme and we thought we'd give it a go for our turn at dinner club.

it was a fun night!

i liked the idea of old pictures and torn out pages from old books hanging over the table. i found as much white stuff as i could, thanks to my neighbors :) washed out some old lemonade bottles and used them as candle holders. i used old music flash cards as place cards. put white flowers and candles everywhere and it was fini!

a diner en blanc! my guests did not bring their own food tho. but it was a surprise to them. other than i asked them all to wear white. they thought it was a p diddy white theme. nope.

i made some white feather headbands for the ladies and had a few white props out for pictures. i think the men liked the big white fur coat more than the ladies.

the menu:

two garlic and thyme roasted chickens
roasted brussels sprouts
sweet potatoes with rosemary & olive oil
mesclun salad (french greens) with balsamic vinaigrette
saffron baked brown rice
french bread

and a delicious chocolate cake for dessert (courtesy of my sissy)
bon appetit!
i had fun with these silly girls!!!


susiek said...

Mmmmm - makin' me hungry! Love this story. Remember when I had a Summer Whites party - it was either for one of Grandpa's birthdays or their anniversary. Long time ago. Your dinner party will be one to remember!

Peace and Love said...

wows. nell. um. you've been kinda busy this past weekend.

Elizabeth Anne said...

U are my hero!!!! Looks SO good! Wish I could have gone shopping that day . . . . . ALL that WHITE!!! LOVE IT!