Thursday, July 21, 2011

hangin' with the S's

we were lucky enough to spend a little time with our super cool friends and my beautiful god-daughter on our trip to indy.
they live on this fabulous farm and i even attempted to chop wood.

the kids are just getting to that stage....
we found cool patterns in the wood. maybe made by worms? or pre-historic creatures??
my friend makes this kind of stuff. ridiculous.
i. want. it.
oh and did i mention the ginormous barn the kids play around in?
heavy D.
look at that greenery. those are called trees... my fellow zonies.
um... yes?

my beautiful god-daughter :)

little S deep in thought.
little G swiping a "mellow"

thank you S's! we had a fabulous time hanging out with you! i wish we could hang all the time!!


Drama Queen said...

It is so pretty there! i hope you had a great time!

Peace and Love said...

you sure look skinny chopping that wood. Dahlia looks pensive in her photo.

drmom said...

Love that barn! Oh it is fabulous! Login all the vaca photos actually & feeling rather inadequate!