Wednesday, July 20, 2011

L turns 9

somewhere between phx and oklahoma city, this child turned into a 9 year old.

we decorated the hotel room with a banner to surprise her when she woke up.
life on the road, i tell ya....
we finally had her birthday dinner at midnight in oklahoma city. we were all off on our times with all the time zone changes... so we pulled into cattleman's steakhouse around 11:30. the deputy sheriff was there and wished her a happy birthday and asked if we were from around those parts. we said no and apologized and explained that we don't usually frequent steakhouses at midnight with 5 wild children.

she got to have a special route 66 root beer.... since we were on the historic route :)
when we finally got to indy, my grammie had a very special birthday cake waiting for her. it was delicious.

she also had another birthday cake from the wonderful "aunt" beth. she rocks.

it was a wild and very celebrated birthday. happy birthday little L pill :)


The Richardson's said...

What a fun birthday! I bet she remembers this one for a long time.

And the name route 66 route beer is amazing...

Love, Mindy said...

i just love you and your darling family sister!

happy birthday L!!!!
what an amazing birthday!