Monday, July 25, 2011

4th of july

we celebrated our country's birthday at a good ol' family bbq. except it was very fancy. my uncle hosts a party at his friends' house in downtown indy every year. we were very excited that we were able to attend. the house is amazing, real artwork is hung on the walls, the food was delicious and gourmet, everything is decorated to perfection... i wanted to walk around and stare at everything for hours. i was a little nervous about the kids going inside, but i don't think we broke anything :)

homemade cherry pie.
my uncle's famous 7 min. frosting is heaven on earth.
the whole gang.
beautiful red geraniums.
"corn hole" is a very popular sport in indy. every house we went to had a set up just like this.
L and gramps. the kids were excited to play with cousins galore. they ran around, lit sparklers and fireworks and then crammed onto blankets to watch the big downtown firework show. we had a perfect view from their alley. it was a perfect way to celebrate our great country.
seeing double...


Anonymous said...

haha, that pic of jp and rex is awesome.

Christina said...
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Christina said...

love this post! y'all are so stinking goodlooking.