Sunday, July 31, 2011

11 years of parental bliss

this super duper child turned 11. and got a cute hipster new do for her big entrance into 6th grade. she wanted to go to amazing jakes with a few friends for her birthday and so that's what we did. i couldn't believe how much those girls gabbed. they were all talking at the same time. it makes me think back to myself as a 6th grader. my friends and i were SO loud and silly and lathered on exclamation perfume. it must have been a nightmare. luckily S isn't into stinky perfume yet.
while it is kind of sad in a way to see my babies turn into ladies, it is also very exciting at the same time. she continuously keeps me chuckling and wondering on a daily basis. S, you are a very confident, creative, beautiful, good, *kookie*, unique and WONDERFUL child and i am SO glad you are mine!!

happy 11th birthday SRW!!!!!


Love, Mindy said...

Happy Birthday S!!!! I can't believe the girls are this old!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her new do!

Kellie said...

Love her hair!! She is so cute! be 11 again! I passed on the Exclamation perfume...I was partial to Electric Youth being that I was OBSESSED with Debbie Gibson and was planning to drop out of school and go on tour with her :)

Christina said...

I love that girl

Anonymous said...

boo hoo, she's growing up - she looks beautiful

The Richardson's said...

I totally used exclamation perfume!!!!!!!! haha

Happy Birthday S!!!! You are beautiful

drmom said...

She really is am awesome young lady! You are blessed to have the privelidge of parenting her!