Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a while back....

a few things happened that i want to remember.

this little baby turned 1!
we went on a train ride with some of my favorite friends :)

my beloved white toyota 4runner flipped to this...
my eldest and i went on a pedi-thai date.
pdubs went "hunting".
my sis and i took some amazing pictures at the top of the john hancock building in chicago. we got in trouble for snapping pics of the pics....
this little one lost her other front tooth. and was pretty excited about it.
we discovered "family night" at big bass pro shop. the girls apparently love archery.
my dear friend surprised me with this beautiful birthday cake.
paul is on a mission to make the world's best homemade hamburger.
these girls went to camp all by themselves. L for 3 days to california camp surf and S to cottonwood gulch camp in new mexico. S was gone for 5 nights! and didn't take 1 shower. let's just say we had a "spa" day when she returned and soaked her in the tub for several hours.
poor josefina was attacked by baxter in the backyard. since josefina had already been to the doll hospital, we decided it would be less expensive to just buy another new josefina. since that was not going to happen.... lucky for us 2 new girls joined our family. kit and samantha. thx craigslist :) we had a home surgery on josefina and with a little tlc, she is recovering just fine.

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The Richardson's said...

So much fun...no wonder I have not seen you in weeks and weeks and weeks!!!