Wednesday, June 29, 2011


pdubs had really been wanting to go fishing. so we piled in the car and drove to the lake on an early summer evening. i was a bit hesitant, but i'm really glad we went because we ended up having a wonderful time playing in the water and fishing.

it's a good thing paully had that awesome fishing hat on, because we ended up catching a huge fish!!
i'm pretty sure it ended up in the trash after P finally realized it wasn't going to feed 8 people.

the kids got some fish from camp papagoo (grandparent's house). L insisted her fish was preggo. well one morning we awoke to 22 new baby fishies! So now we had a total of 26 fish.

we are down to 1 as of now. total.

we had a garage sale and this little one had about the cutest lemonade stand ever. she had such a great experience that the next day, the girls wanted to have another one. this time they marked the prices quite a bit higher. $.75 a cup. well they really got some business. i told them the prices were way too high. they said " but people are paying it! why should we lower it?" they made about $20. i then made them come inside and watch the documentary inside job.
i got a groupon for primp and blow. it's a salon that washes, styles and applies makeup. my friend and i headed up there and pampered ourselves. the real find was later that day at last chance. we stumbled upon the cosmetic grab bags, it was better than christmas and halloween i tell ya.
the next day, i played primp and blow with my mommy. it was fun.
we were also watching baby C. he didn't like the sound of the blow dryer. he did like the balls tho.
when i was in chicago with my sibs, we ate at gino's downtown. it was A.MA.Z.I.N.G. i found this little gem at whole foods. it was not as good as the real deal, but still pretty good.
i am pretty excited for my grammie to make me some coco wheats when we get to indy. i saw this package at the duce in downtown phoenix. i never see coco wheats here. only in the midwest baby.
baby boy got some new keens. he really needed them. for all his heavy duty all-terrain hiking that he does.
thank you Y. i love it :)
all the little cherubs are confidently swimming now. with exception of baby R.
he likes his new "playpen".
my friend (M) who is amazing. and her mom, who is equally as amazing, which is prolly where she learned all the amazing skillz, told me about this "store" she used to have while on childhood road trips. so, i stole the idea for our own road trip across the really really long u.s.

i put together this treasure chest.
i made some money. i plan to pay the children as a reward for good behavior and take away money for "undesirable" behavior.
they each start out with $40 (random #). when we stop for various reasons, i will open up the "store" and they can use their money to buy things. the items are marked with prices that the kids will need to save up for. there are also less expensive items in there. they have not seen inside the treasure box, so hopefully the excitement and mystery of it all will have them on their best behavior. hopefully my little children will love this as much as my friend did when she was a wee child. if they have any money left.
here's a sneak peek............................................................


Love, Mindy said...

The store is perfect!!! Mimi will be so proud of you! I hope the kids love it! When do you leave? I miss you!!!

The Richardson's said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Can I earn up some points and go shopping in the treasure chest?

That is the BEST IDEA EVER!! I am totally stealing it when my kids get older.

Lorie said...

First, baby shoes so cute!

Second, Awesome Treasure Chest! The kids will absolutely love it!

I did this with my second grade class (my first year teaching in 98!) I called my dollars Banana Bucks for my maiden name was Niana. I remember in my education classes the professors recommend not taking away the money. The proefessors mentioned it was like taking a away a paycheck once you earned it. Just an fyi although you don't have a classroom it is different. :)

Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!