Thursday, June 23, 2011

operation drive mom crazy is a go.

we really breezed thru most of june. the kids were in a week long vbs in the morning and then had play practice 3 afternoons a week for 3 hours. it was bliss. now the play is over, it was cute and fun and great.... but that also means rehearsals are over. now they are home all day getting into things, breaking things, fighting.... etc. now, i may be a little pre-menstrual, so i may be making it sound worse than it is, but i need to make some plans quick or i'll blow.
unfortunately we had to leave our local resort because i mistakenly said if you do "whatever it was that time" again, we will pack up and go home. well, guess what. they did it again.
big bummer.
i wanted to sit by the pool and sip margaritas all day. ok, well i probably wouldn't have done that while watching 5 kids by myself swim, but it sounds fun anyway.
so i packed 3 up, 2 got to stay and swim with daddy, and we drove home.
i was thinking to myself what i could do when i got home to decompress. i thought, i'll lock myself in the bathroom and shape my eyebrows, but then i remembered that they locked the bathroom door from the inside and we are locked out for now, it's very hard to get it back open because they also lost all the keys to pick the locks. cute.
well then i thought, i'll just do some editing on my computer. but no. they also got to that. it won't turn on, the keyboard and mouse are not responding. i'll have to put some time into getting it worked out.
so i decided i would get on the computer in the kitchen and browse around. well, guess what... they got into that too. they pushed some setting, that i can not for the life of me figure out how to turn off, that reads aloud every. single. thing. that the mouse scrolls over. it is unbelievably annoying. so i just turned the volume all the way down.
so, then.... i thought to myself, i think i'll log into my blog and just jot these memories down so that i can see the humor in them in the future. well, it took a few extra minutes because my darling husband, for some reason, has a habit of changing my settings on just about everything i do. don't get me wrong, he always helps me out and knows how to fix things and definitely doesn't change them on purpose to drive me crazy (at least i hope so) but alas.... it seems to happen often. so even to log into my own blog, i have to type in the codes that he set.

well, it's been great getting this off my chest. now all i need to feel all the way better is a cupcake, a corona lite with lime and to loose 10-15 lbs. not too much to ask for.

i have to get back to being a slave driver now. laundry, windows, dusting.... this may be fun after all.

post edit:
thought i would just throw in a few more little sweet tidbits:

1. baby R acts like he going to kiss the girls and then bites them really hard on the cheek or whatever he can get a good grip on.
2. he won't relax and fall asleep unless i rock him for a few minutes while he tries to pinch my nipple really hard.
3. we are thinking of driving across the country with all the kids. what is wrong with me?
4. my face is breaking out as i type.
5. on a good note, paul found my favorite blue anthro shirt that has been lost for about a year. things are looking brighter.


Peace and Love said...

Oh, honey, I have to admit, I am laughing especially about the cupcake and the corona light and wanting to lose 10 or 15 lbs....guess you have to embrace these moments so that you can appreciate more deeply the blissful moments.

susiek said...

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ... :)

Mattie said...

My favorite post-edit comments are #1 and 2. Evan does #1 to Paul and #2 to me!

Majorek Family said...

You crack me up!!

I loved reading this post, because it is exactly what I am going through in more ways than one!! What is it about this week??? There's definitely something in the air!!!

The Richardson's said...

Ahhhhh summer....used to be the most relaxing, happy time of year.

What happened???

Hope it gets better.

and yes, you are nuts to want to drive across the country with 5 kids!! I could SO not handle it! Although...I would love to read your blog about that trip!!! hehe

Love, Mindy said...

you, my dear, are hilarious!!!! i love reading about your world. and, i love being there sharing it with you even more!!! park/breakfast next week? with c and her girls?

~M said...

Your life is so cute Nellie! Thanks for sharing the beautiful moments and hectic ones...I always dreamed of having 5 kids, so I really enjoy knowing the behind-the-scenes moments of having 5 kiddos :) And it's not scarying me away ;) (but for now I'll enjoy my 1 ;)