Thursday, June 2, 2011

D's gradu"lation"

that's what she called it anyway. she was VERY excited about graduating and "flying up" to first grade. me, not so much. i want her to stay little. i asked her teachers to hold her back, but they would not comply.

here she is working hard on one of her last days in kindergarten. she is a very neat and concise student. she likes to do things right.

they all had to go up individually, introduce themselves and say what their favorite work was. they also joined together and sang a song. it was quite the performance.

thirsty after all that singing.
ok. ok. enough pictures mom.

hanging with her friends, opening the gifts from their teachers. she looked a little disappointed when it turned out to be a journal. i think she thought it was going to be a fabulous new barbie or something.

she just shrugged it off and started making lists of goals for this summer.


Peace and Love said...

what a darling child! I love those big brown eyes!

Elizabeth Anne said...

So adorable!!!! I love that haircut! It suits her well!!!! : )

The Richardson's said...

She looks so cute!! What a big day for you all...I will cry like a baby!

susiek said...

Love D's ruffly socks, and she has the most beautiful brown eyes!