Thursday, March 31, 2011

olive juice

the girls were invited to be in a clothing catalogue... olive juice. check out the online catalogue for some familiar little faces. they were paid in gift certificates (not bad for their first gig) so we had lots of fun going on an online shopping spree :)

the beautiful box arrived the other day.

the clothes are so cute and vintage (which i adore)
my friend (the talented christina lafferty) and i headed out together to take some pics of the kids in their new outfits. i took these pics, but i just love the ones she took. i'll have to get those printed.


Anonymous said...

LOVE them!!!!! so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!
love, baby

Anonymous said...

olive juice too. haha, get it? i very much enjoy the one of bebe R with the stick. you know who he looks like???

peter pan.

Anonymous said...

Adorable kids. Not surprised at all that they asked them to model clothing :) I wish I could get paid in clothes...LUCKY!

Mrs. Santini said...

She did a great job with there photos, you deserve a day off and let someone else shoot. All the kids look great, so stylish.