Monday, March 14, 2011


it's spring break and we have absolutely no plans. this is refreshing to me. it has been such a peaceful day. we have my 2 cousins over for a sleepover. we spent 4.5 hours at the park this morning and now the kids are making posters. of eyeballs. now they want to go swimming. i love spontaneity.

i am getting antsy to do some spring crafts. my new country living came in the mail today and it's got me even more motivated.
i'm thinking 6 matching dresses tonight. hmmm....

post edit:

innocence: one of my children (not saying who) really liked the way her hair air dried after swimming.

she said "mommy, don't you like the way my hair curls like this? it feels good too. it looks so pretty. i just love the way god made me".

so sweet and honest. i wonder at what age we become so critical of ourselves. if an adult would have said that it would have been taken so differently. but for now, i'm glad she feels beautiful inside and out. as my mom always said, it's nice to be beautiful on the outside, but what counts most is that you're beautiful on the inside.


The Richardson's said...

How sweet.

Glad you have no plans- lets hang out!!! I need to distract myself and have some fun!!!

Peace and Love said...

Thanks Nell. I always heard that saying from my mom too!