Thursday, March 10, 2011

springtime :)

these pics were taken a few weeks ago... but you can see the weather is perfect here in az right now. it is the most beautiful day today and pdubs worked in the yard for several hours and i walked out to a little slice of heaven right in my backyard. did i ever tell you how much i enjoy run on sentences?

we found a container for this little one
hangin' in suits and sippin' off the hose.
baxter is getting quite big. he seems to be a nice addition to our family. he already "fetches" which is so amazing to me as our other dog was a husky (RIP koda) and the only trick he did was "run"
the kids like to unknowingly add a "d" to the end of his name. it makes for an entertaining time while listening to them repeatedly call his name.

on another note... this little 3rd grader had an overnight at school. they are preparing for their big trip to camp surf. she was so excited.
we had to say goodbye at the door :( she lugged all those bags by herself.
bye. bye.

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drmom said...

Oh those are so beautiful and make me miss that weather even more!