Saturday, April 9, 2011

wedded bliss

i am a few months behind on this... but i wanted to be sure and remember this as it was quite the event. our dear friends billy and audrey were married back in feb. and wanted to have their reception in our backyard. so they did.

they have such a great vintage style so i was loving everything they did. even her dress was vintage.
my sissy and my wonderful neighbor made some sweets to share...
it ended up being very cold and windy and poured all day. but we pushed thru. they rented a tent, set it up and we had a great party anyway.
the bride.
this is baby R supervising the set up.
the toast, by the best man and maroon 5 look alike...

the very special flower girls....

the girls heard that there was not going to be a wedding cake and voiced their concern to the bride. so she surprised them with some cupcakes from sprinkles. can u see why they are head over heels for her??
these 3 (you can't see dave because he's busy working) helped out sooooooo much.
the groom.
i'm so glad one of the bridesmaids let me use these pics as i did not take any and these are so artsy :) i am super excited to order some from the photographer tho. she was so cool.

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Peace and Love said...

It was quite the event! The vintage theme and I love the colorful headbands the beautiful flower girls wore. It was great fun all pitching in and making it happen. It was a wet and cold and memorable day. No photos of the the after-event party with the mustaches and dancing???