Saturday, April 9, 2011

san diego 2011

this spring break was a little different. my mom decided it would be fun to take the whole family to san diego for a few days. she rented a beach house right on the ocean and we all crammed in there and had a blast.

we had to stop at all the must eats in yuma on the way...

these pics are backwards.... we wrapped up the trip with a visit to the san diego zoo. it was great except we were just realizing that a little bug had spread thru everyone in the house. first my nephew, then my bro in law. then nattie... then my mom... and so it went. right as we were pulling into the zoo parking lot, D says she doesn't feel good. pukes all over herself and the car seat. that's always fun to clean up on a road trip...
we go ahead on in, $200 later, enter the zoo and then S doesn't feel good. she then pukes. we keep on walking, since the kids weren't really complaining and we didn't know at that point how long this would last. and since we had just paid for the tickets. we continue walking around, ride the sky tram a few times and then 3 of them start puking at the same time. it was sad but kind of funny at the same time. we have a great picture of it, but i couldn't find it. darn.
at this point we are at the back of the zoo. we catch the bus and then big S lets loose on the top floor of the bus. they had to clear the bus due to a "protein spill" and then they so kindly had a cart waiting for us and promptly escorted us to the exit.

we finally get to the car and 3 of them start puking again. at this point were were out of cups so we were passing back diapers to puke in. unfortunately even daddy's hat was passed back.
we finally got to a 7 eleven and got cups, sprite, gatorade etc. all the necessities for the long drive home.

the not so giant pandas...

fav facts about the pandas:
* they eat about 40 lbs. of bamboo a day and poop around 40x a day. the kids liked that one.
* their gestation period ranges from 3-5 months.
* the newborn pandas are blind and very tiny. about the size of a butter stick.
* they are not marsupials like once thought.
* they live alone

after getting situated and hitting the road, finally it hit pdubs. he started puking when we arrived back in yuma. it was a sad sad journey. luckily it was only an 18 hr. bug and everyone recovered just fine :)

AND they agreed to give us free tickets the next time we visit the zoo due to those unfortunate circumstances.

hip baby...
enjoying the beach and la jolla caves... it was super cold.
w family of 7.
entering the caves. very exciting. D counted all the steps.

lots of sea lions and pelicans.
la jolla cave.
san diego mission. the first one. we read and learned all about it. since i had pulled the kids out of school for this trip, i made them write papers about everything they learned. it was painful, but the end result was pretty cool.

yep. that's the ocean right outside the window. we couldn't of been any closer. thx mom :)
the grandkids on the boardwalk.
they have a love/not so loving relationship.
noni and all the little darlings.


Peace and Love said...

These are great photos, Nell! Sorry about the barfarama on the way home - but all in all, the trip was a wonderful time spent with all of my little darlings!

The Richardson's said...

Great pictures!! I am glad you could not find the puking pics, haha.

That would have totally grossed me out!

Jennifer said...

Nellie LOVE all the pics and the puking story! (Sorry about that) Yours trumps our birthday puking party! lol We must remember these moments as parents because it WILL be even more hilarious when we are older! Love that you added it as it is true to life.