Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

happy Easter!! it was an amazingly beautiful calm day yesterday. after a really tough holy week, it was warmly welcomed. i think the kids were subconsciously (or maybe consciously, who knows?) really putting my lenten promises to test. after muddling our way thru thurs., fri., and sat. we finally had a beautiful relaxing day on Easter sunday. and what more could we ask for?
paully took all the pics. i'm so glad he did because i didn't take any all weekend.

we put together a fun scavenger hunt for the kids in the morning to find their baskets. i loved watching them rip open the envelopes and read the clues. watching their little faces trying to figure it out.
we then barely made it to church on time. but ended up getting a whole row that someone gave to us. it was a little Easter miracle :) the kids sang beautifully in the choir.
we hosted a potluck at our house this year. all the food was so deloshious. uncle dave hid all the eggs. the dog got into several of the baskets and spread the eggs all over the yard several times. it was precious.
waiting to be released...

baby C loves his egg.
i can't believe i don't have even 1 pic of baby R. he was all prepped out with his striped oxford shirt and tan shorts. oh well.

now as soon as i finish off the bunny cake we'll be back to normal.


The Richardson's said...

So pretty!!! Do not feel bad about not taking have your hands full!

Glad you had a relaxing day.

susiek said...

Looks like a lovely day. Love all the girls' outfits. and C.'s mohawk. Glad Paul took pics. It's hard to be a mom and a photographer!