Wednesday, January 5, 2011

highs and lows

1. not having time to drink my coffee this morning before i left
2. 2 of the girls being sent out of religion class for fighting
3. L bumping her nose pretty hard on a brick corner
4. D falling several times and being grumpy and tired today
5. feeling a little overwhelmed at some work i need to do but don't want to do it
6. feeling tired after 3 nights of NO to little sleep
7. putting baby R down to crawl around while i ate my dinner, freaking out because he almost put an old dirty cheerio in his mouth, sadly relieved when i realized it was cemented to the floor and there is no way he could get it up.
8. realizing i need to sweep the floor more... see #5

1. after a long hard day, D running through the house shouting "i love this day!"
2. having a tea party with S and R this afternoon
3. sending the big girls with a list into the coffee/smoothie shop and having them successfully come out with the order.... and watching them hold hands while crossing the street as if setting off for a big adventure (i was parked right outside and could see in the windows)
4. getting dinner prepared early and having it ready when we got home... and making homemade cheese muffins with S.
5. having time this morning to eat the big bowl of oatmeal pscrubs made for me.
6. visiting with some lovely friends and discussing amazing stories with happy endings
see here and here check out the 911 call, i cry every time i listen to it
7. the huge smile baby R gets when he looks at his sisters
8. looking at these phone pics... they make me happy....

being motivated to write this post about my dirty floors, and realizing that i have had more highs than lows today.


The Richardson's said...

I can help.

1. Do not worry about getting our pics done...take a few extra weeks and relax. We are friends and I promise to still give you rave reviews.

2. One week until we are acting like rich folk at the Suns game in a suite.

3. Forget the floors and borrow a friend's dog to come over and lick everything up. Or just forget them. I have forgotten mine forever ago, haha.

4. About the fighting in RE class...God was just pointing out some good lessons..."an eye for an eye". They were just listening, haha.

5. You are awesome. Always a high.

drmom said...

Oh I SO needed to read that post! I need to write my own high lows post... i just am not confident I would have more HIGHS than LOWS!

I want to know what was so bad that Ms Pam had them leave! That had to be a pretty tough time!

Here is another HIGH for you - I miss you and love you dearly my friend! You are a true source of joy in my life.