Thursday, January 13, 2011

first sporting event

baby R and daddy had their first sporting event together. i guess it's a boy thing. paul was just as excited watching the game with baby R as i was when taking my girls to their first tea party. baby R loved it. he wasn't scared of all the noise, he just yelled along with them. he liked all the lights and things to look at... paul insisted he was really involved with the game. he even got his own little miniature basketball as a souvenir.


The Richardson's said...

Hooray for boy activities!!!!!!

I am so glad you guys came last night. It was super, super fun. Although I am fairly confident that after that experience, Rex will pretty much come to expect the "suite" treatment at every sporting event, haha.

How cute!!! daddy and son time...awwww

Love, Mindy said...

that is sooo cute!

drmom said...

Oh I LOVE it!! That is so true too... I just didn't get all the excitement for Bob when he took the boys to their first games... but now that I have Ella I get it! Rights of passage year, but also the foreshadowing that this is something that they will be able to share throughout life! It is so great!

Lorie said...

Baby R is so cute!!! Wait until he is older and can really appreciate it! He will be talking to Daddy all about teams, players, etc.
Sean is taking James to a game tonight. James has been talking about it all week!! Our nephew is singing the National Anthem at the game! And God set it up perfect because our niece's daughter will be doing the half time performance tonight as well. Although I will be here with the girls so I won't get to see it until it is on video!

****Is that drmom above-MaryRuth? I was praying that you have a good transition to your new home away from home. Hope it is going well. James was asking to have another playdate with Evan. We miss seeing you on campus!

Anonymous said...

cuteness. toats.