Monday, March 22, 2010

funny baby questions/comments

1. "mom, does the baby have clothes on inside your tummy?"
"you mean it's naked then?"

"hehehehehhe" followed by about 5 min. of giggling.

2. when driving home from a doctor's appt.....
"mom, is the baby sitting on your lap inside your tummy?"
"is there a car seat in there then?"

3. "mom, is the baby wearing shoes?"

4. all of the girls talking and giggling together....

"mom, we are never having babies."
"because you have to poop them out... ewwww... hehehehehhehe"

5. "mom, can you please make sure that the baby is a girl?"
"cuz i bet someone $100 that it would be a girl and i really don't want to lose."

6. "does the baby poop in your tummy?"

7. " mom, if the baby is a boy, will it have a peanut?"

1 comment:

Yvette said...

That was so funny! I needed to laugh like that after a miserable day.