Monday, March 1, 2010

a few things...

this morning while flipping thru my new parents magazine, a few things stood out to me.

1. a big article on how important it is to continue to exercise thru your pregnancy. how you shouldn't be lazy and eat unhealthy foods.

blah. blah. blah.
i do agree, but i am too lazy. i know i will be paying for it later. at this point, bending over and picking up the million things that are left on the floor 10x a day just about kills me. it is a pretty good workout to get my new red converse tied, and to tie the kids shoes. also, i think that carrying S around, granted i can't go more than 30 yards, justifies as a very intense workout. it definitely leaves me winded.

2. this picture reminds me of myself. allergies and pregnancy do not mix. i swear, if this bladder makes it thru 5 pregnancies it will be a miracle.

i also found myself wishing for a babymoon. i have heard of these, but never really thought of doing it. right now all i can think of is vacation. i just want to be sitting in a hot tub somewhere and getting a massage. ohhh..... it sounds so good.

i was thinking of vacations and found some of these old pics...

the girls exploring the alps in their homemade lederhosen. i'm sure they will thank me someday for making them wear them.
i told them that people really do wear them and then we bumped in to these bavarian authentics. the girls just stared at them. apparently i was having a very important conversation with myself.
and then i saw this picture and couldn't believe how small these two were. it's hard to believe they will be starting 3 yr. old preschool together in the fall. they are quite the pair.


Peace and Love said...

you're doing great!!

The Richardson's said...

you should have a babymoon! We planned one- but then realized our passports were expired and did not

although no hot tubs for you...massage- YES!

Love, Mindy said...

you look beautiful and healthy! thanks for making me laugh, though! and, what is a babymoon?

Anonymous said...

SO cute! I hope you get your warm bath and massage. I agree....bending over a million times a day is PLENTY of