Monday, March 22, 2010

D's big day

my poor baby.
i don't know why these things always happen to her...but, we had our first broken bone/cast experience with this little one today.

last night, she had fallen off a chair in the backyard and the only indicator that it might be more serious than any other old fall, is that she would not stop crying. we got her all cleaned up, no swelling, some tylenol, and she finally calmed down a little bit. but then she would start up again saying her arm hurt really bad. well, with it being sunday evening, our options were slightly limited. luckily, we have 2 awesome neighbors that happen to also be orthopaedic surgeons. they checked it out and recommended to have x-rays done in the morning. she was so tired from the whole ordeal that she crashed out early. well, she was up several times in the middle of the night, complaining of the pain in her arm.

so, in the morning, awesome dr. d got her in right away. her arm was limp and she would carry it around with her other hand. so sad.

here she is, not sure about what's happening, but excited to be with just mommy and daddy :)
having the x-ray done. she was really not into this. she was starting to get really nervous, but refused to cry in front of anyone but us.
she cheered up a little when she got to select some scratch and sniff stickers.
the arm.....
the result: a fractured radius.
dr. d showing us all exactly what was fractured....
the prognosis: a full arm cast for 3 weeks. she selected pink.

keeping the arm at a 90 degree angle.
some wet stuff...
D.... seriously irritated.
almost done!!!!
yeah! it's done.
D was getting a little claustrophobic... she wanted to straighten her arm.
she said "take it off!"
good job dr. d! she will be thankful after she gets used to the idea.
cheering up again, after we left and said she could go wherever she wants for a sweet. we ate some lunch and headed over to a.j.'s for cookies. it was really traumatic for me too..... so i got a decaf mocha and a chocolate cupcake (for the baby).
a big hug from daddy will make it all better....
and a customized cookie, balloons, and a card... all from the most loving and caring family and neighbors ever.


Anonymous said...

LOL....that cookie is too cute. So sad for your little sweetheart :( I do like the pink cast though!

Love, Mindy said...

oh my gosh! we have yet to experience that. she looked brave, though...and i love the pink cast. C loved seeing the pictures!