Sunday, July 20, 2014

mother's day trip

this year for mother's day,
my mom, sis and i
decided to go on a trip to indy to visit my grandma.
and my two aunties were there as well.
one lives there and one was visiting from california.
love those funny crafty aunties of mine.
it was very exciting.

we ate lots of food, visited lots of family,
took lots of pictures, and acted very silly.

we had an instagram-off with my aunties.
we all took pictures of the same thing and then admired each others artwork.

baby J loves grandma. grandpa couldn't remember his name so he nick named him Thor. we thought that was pretty funny and called him Thor all weekend.

little sisters are the pits.

baby J getting a bath in grandma's sink.

so thankful for this amazing mother of mine. she's fun, kooky, loving, generous, pretty on the inside and out, adventurous and brave.

we were so honored to attend the night owls mother's day brunch ay my mom's cousins house.
it was all very fancy and delicious.
my gram and her sisters were nicknamed the night owls when they were young mothers.
once a week they would take a break form their 18+ kids 
and get together with their red lipstick
and play cards, smoke cigarettes, eat donuts and drink coffee
all night long.
hence… the night owls.
i am personally impressed that they just drank coffee.

we had a hat decorating contest and guess who took first, second and third place!!!??????

we even got to ride in an indy 500 pace car.

we just barely missed the best blooming time in the whole wide world.

and my sweet baby with the legendary rubber band ball

i am so thankful for these special times with my family.
i love them so.


Anonymous said...

what would I do without you in my life? so greathaving you, sarah, your mom and baby jude here for mothers' day.

Peace and Love said...

Thanks Nell. I think you are an outstanding human being, myself - and I appreciate your judge of character. hee hee. It was great having you and Snare in Indy for mother's day!!! lots of fun.