Saturday, July 19, 2014

d's first communion & confirmation

it's catch up time.

we have had some milestone moments and i need to get those babies recorded!

D had her first communion & confirmation in may.

it was beautiful. i was feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the activities that we have going in may
and this blessed event happened right smack in the middle of all of them. 
she asked our beloved neighbor, ahem well ex-neighbor… that's a blogpost all on it's own,
to be her sponsor. 
Joan, her sponsor, was so sweet and spent so much time with D making sure she was ready for her sacraments.
it was unbelievable. she went above and beyond.
i am so thankful for her and her example to my children.
because if this and because of generally being over stretched in may,
i was not on the ball with putting together a party.
i was confident that anyone who new us well would be there and be ready to celebrate
the sacrament day.
it was divine intervention… because it was all pulled together and it was

my family of course was all there. D's godparents had inquired a while back and were there with their kids.
all grandparents were there.
cousins, friends…
very special.

D was asked to bring up the gifts during the Mass. she had practiced several times but was a little thrown off with the church full of people and got a little turned around.
i could see that  this was happening, and i was getting so nervous for her. i was way on the other side of the church and in the middle of the row.
i saw her walk back, then back again… and then pace back and forth a few more times in the back. i saw the top of her sweet little vintage veil bouncing up and down… getting a little more frantic.
my heart was beating fast and i wanted to go and rescue her.
and out of nowhere, like two angels,
i saw her godmother appear on one side and her confirmation sponsor appear on the other.
they guided her back to her seat.
i teared up.
they were there to help her just when she needed it.
it was beautiful.
after the Mass, we gathered outside
and invited everyone over to our house.
my sis made a cake and we made sandwiches & gave the kids as much
candy & soda that they could handle….
making a big deal of the sacrament day.

the gang

D's superstar sponsor

D's amazing godparents

her vintage veil from indiana


Anonymous said...

what a special little girl is dahlia. she just sparkles. all so beautiful.

Peace and Love said...

it was fun watching kids when parents who usually curtail the sweets said things like, "Sure. you can have another piece of cake...have another soda while you are at it!" They couldn't believe their ears.